Insurance Work

Our friendly and professional office staff are happy to assist customers with insurance claim procedures, whether the damage from the accident is minor or extensive. Our online claims management systems and knowledge of insurance companies’ processes allow us to get a fair result for our valued customers’ claims.

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Private Work

Whether you have a classic car in need of dent or rust removal, or your more contemporary vehicle needs significant panel work, if you’re in need of some private repairs Guido’s Panel & Paint can provide quotes on damage or panel repairs that are fair, reasonable and consistent with industry standards, ensuring you get the most value for your money.

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If after your accident your vehicle is unable to make it to our workshop under its own power, we can arrange to have your vehicle brought to us by coordinating with local towing services. Give our office a call on (07) 4776 5038 or contact David directly on 0437 33 44 85 to arrange for your vehicle to be taken to Guido’s Panel & Paint after an accident.

Panel Repairs

We can conduct a range of repairs to your vehicle’s body, no matter what you drive. We can work on small scratches and dents to major accident damage, rust removal work, hood-lining replacement, interior and exterior detailing, as well as custom body work and restoration projects. Our team of experts and specialist equipment can get your vehicle back to its manufacturer’s specifications.

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Colour & Paint

Whether you’re after a patch job to cover up a simple scratch, or if you’re looking for a complete body respray, we have what it takes to provide the full range of refinishing services for all makes and models of vehicles. We’ll make use of our specialist spectrophotometry tools, DeBeer’s sophisticated colour mixing software and extensive range of paints, and conduct spray work in our vent controlled downdraft spray/bake booth. We can then leave your vehicle in our clean, dust-free booth to cure, or use heat lamps to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

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Raptor Protective Coating

Raptor is a very tough, flexible two-pack heavy duty polyurethane coating that provides surfaces with a protective barrier against staining and rust damage. Raptor is available in black and in tintable formulas, and has a multitude of uses in automotive, commercial, marine, agricultural, off-road and industrial applications.

To find out more about Raptor and what it can do for your vehicle, get in touch with our Raptor expert David today!